Space Ritual – Drug Testing In Space

Sometimes a sex addict can spend 12 or more hours watching pornography and could affect his career. Exercising too much could go along with eating disorders which are very dangerous. Playing video games is a controversial subject. But gaming too much is absolutely an addiction and can negatively impact a gamer’s life in many ways.

Not being able to balance time responsibly is part of all addictions. Holding a career or job is almost an impossibility when balancing an addiction. Food is a very serious addiction as well, although it is not viewed as a serious addiction. Eating too much food, too less food, too much and vomiting, eating sugar frequently, or eating unhealthy foods too frequently are all examples of eating disorders. Unhealthy foods and sugar can lead to diabetes and so many other diseases. There are many addictions that human beings possess, but it is important to know that there are ways to achieve balance in life.

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