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Updated 26th September

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Message from Space Ritual

Space Ritual would like it to be known that they are not playing any of the dates on Nik's forthcoming tour of the USA. The tour and Nik's new album are nothing to do with them. The American record company and the promoters involved are using the name "Nik Turner's Space Ritual" without our permission, and have copied our history and publicity blurb directly from our website without permission. There is only one band called Space Ritual, and it is us here in the UK. It is a completely different set of musicians who will be playing in the USA, who have nothing whatsoever to do with us. We hope this clears any confusion.


Mick Farren

We wish to send our sincerest condolences to all of Micky Farren's friends and family, and express our deepest sorrow at the news of Micky's death, albeit, on stage at the Borderline Club, and I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted it any other way, truly a poetic departure. We knew Mick over many years, and always knew him as an inspiring, innovative and creative writer and performer. Rest In Peace Micky, long may you be remembered with fondness and admiration, from Nik Turner and Space Ritual.



Space Ritual live at the Garage


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